Children’s Charities’ Support Improves Child Safety at Janus Perinatal Program

Laurie Brown,Founder, Santa Cruz Children's Charities in front of child-safe play area
Laurie Brown,Founder, Santa Cruz Children's Charities in front of child-safe play area
Children and their parents participating in the Janus Perinatal program are now enjoying a child-safe playground covering and several new play structures thanks to a donation by Santa Cruz Children’s Charities. Their generous donation also enabled Janus to make other important upgrades for child safety, including the purchase of tumbling mats, a double stroller, crib/carryon, child-sized table and chairs, and child-safe storage.

The Janus Perinatal program is a residential treatment center where drug or alcohol addicted pregnant women can kick the habit and give birth to drug-free children.  The program provides treatment for the whole family including fathers. Certified by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the program provides individual and group counseling, trauma recovery groups, crisis intervention, detoxification, drug use monitoring, 12-step groups, and continuing after care.  It is the only residential program in Santa Cruz County providing these services for women.

Many Perinatal program participants, including Lorena S., credit the program with turning their lives around. Lorena, age 28 and mother of three, started buying drugs for her addicted parents when she was 13, and using drugs at 14. After Lorena’s children were removed by Child Protective Services, she sought help from the Janus Perinatal program. “I realized I had to overcome my addiction or I would lose my kids, and maybe even my life.” After treatment, Lorena was joyfully reunited with her kids. ”Thanks to Janus, I’m a different person now. I’ve learned to listen to my kids and love them, like a healthy mother.”

According to Laurie Brown, Founder of Santa Cruz Children’s Charities, “We selected the Janus Perinatal program for this donation because of their demonstrated track record in improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in our community.”  Children’s Charities is a local non-profit which raises money to support children’s programs in the county.  The organization’s members are twelve successful local businesswomen who hold key positions in local organizations.

Rod Libbey, Executive Director at Janus, said, “We are very grateful to Santa Cruz Children’s Charities for their support. Their donation has enabled us to make a significant upgrade to our Perinatal facility. The program is safer now and has some much-needed additions for the children.”

About Janus of Santa Cruz
Janus of Santa Cruz is a nonprofit organization that for over 30 years has provided effective substance abuse treatment for individuals and families in Santa Cruz County. For more information, or to discuss a donation, contact Rod Libbey, Executive Director, Janus of Santa Cruz at 831-462-1060 X222 or rod_libbey@janussc.org.


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