Five Things You Need to Know About Watsonville: Independence Day Edition

What to do today, what locals say they're doing today, and news that's pertinent for the rest of the week.

Happy Fourth of July! Whether you plan on laying low on Independence Day, or are packing in a day’s worth of festivities, we hope you take some time to relax and enjoy the day.

Not sure what you’re doing today yet? Check out to events in Santa Cruz County here. It features the Spirit of Watsonville July 4 Parade that begins at 2 p.m. on 275 Main Street. You can also at one of the many non-profits around town that are selling them. And, if you’re driving to get to an event, see .

Animals can hear sounds three times louder than the human ear can even register. Be sure to when you go to a fireworks show. But that’s not the only danger: keep pets out of hot cars, as cracking the windows does not make much of a difference ventilation-wise.

What are your July 4 plans? We asked five locals at the Watsonville Farmer’s Market on Friday, and the following are their responses:
•“I’m staying local because it’s my mom’s 60th birthday.”--Joylynn Anderson.
•“A picnic at the beach on Moss Landing.”--Mary Ellen Dick
•“I’m planning on going with the family out to a picnic at the beach.”--Jesus DiCecco, owner of DiCecco Farms.
•“We’re waiting for our kids to visit from Mexico, probably to go to the beach or something.”--Enrique Gonzalez.
•“Work, work, work, work, work, work.”--Mark Holsman, who owns a mail order business in Live Oaks.

Have a can of veggies to spare? Beginning tomorrow, July 5 through July 24, stores across Santa Cruz County will be holding a summer food drive. They will offer $10 bags filled with the most-needed items, such as canned tuna, peanut butter, and pasta, to Second Harvest’s 200 member food pantries, soup kitchens and programs during the summer months.

Cabrillo College is forming a “Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee” and looking for representatives. Cabrillo president Brian King is seeking folks who fall into three categories: 1) an active member of a senior citizens’ organization, 2) an active member of a college support organization, and 3) a member of a student organization or club. Applications are due by July 15, and the governing board will appoint new members at its September meeting.


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