Protect Your Pets From Zombies and Pirates

Keep your four-legged best friends safe during the scary Halloween holiday.

Here are tips from the to keep your pet safe around Halloween:

• Keep animals confined indoors on Halloween. Seclude them safely in a room away from the door and distractions.

• Walk pets before dark to avoid any altercations with .

• House animals indoors just before and during Halloween. This protects pets from pranksters who tease, injure, steal, or harm animals.

• Make sure pets are wearing collars with current identification. Many pets get spooked and escape. Unfortunately they end up in shelters without identification.

• Keep pets away from costumed ghouls and goblins. Halloween bites are not uncommon. Even friendly animals may bite due to stress, fear, or protective aggression.

• Store and dispense candy so that it is not accessible to pets. Many treats are toxic and even lethal to pets. Especially poisonous are "sugar free" sweetener xylitol and chocolate.

• Don't dress up pets unless they love it. If you do dress them up make sure the costume isn't annoying or unsafe. Avoid restriction of movement, vision, hearing or the ability to breathe or vocalize. Costumes should not contain small dangling accessories that could be consumed or cause choking.

• Restrict your pet's access to decorations. with candles are obvious fire hazards, but cats can also get tangled in streamers. Pets can also become ill from eating holiday decor.


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