Agri-Culture Wins Second National Award

The Farm Bureau program will be honored for an agriculture documentary produced earlier this year.

The and the organization Agri-Culture have been honored with a national award for the 2011 Santa Cruz County Agriculture Video/DVD.

This is the second consecutive year that these organizations have been given a national award for a program. There are 3,140 county farm bureaus in the United States. Very few ever receive a national award and it is even rarer for a county to receive awards two years in a row.

The video/DVD was selected because of the manner in which it was developed and promoted. The video/DVD was directed and narrated by Cristina King, who was an NBC anchor in Missouri before settling in Santa Cruz County. The cinematography was done by acclaimed artist Damon Meyer.

The movie stars are local growers. The script was written and edited by local agriculture experts Ron Tyler and Dave Moeller. The executive producer was Jess Brown.

The national selection committee was impressed with the promotion through social media and . The premiere included movie themed food and people dressed as local produce greeting the guests.

The award will be presented at the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting in Honolulu in January 2012.


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