5 Things You Need to Know About Watsonville: May 24

Cheap gas (or not?), school news and holiday weekend reminders.

So the big news early this week has been gas below $4 a gallon ... except not in Watsonville.

Although GasBuddy.com will tell you there are a handful of spots in town selling fuel for $3.99, those prices are nearly a day old and cost has already gone back up.

Cruising through town, the best price around noon Tuesday was $4.02 at on Main Street and Riverside Drive. In contrast, the whole Freedom Boulevard corridor was $4.09-plus.

Nationwide, the average price of gas was about $3.81 on Tuesday, down 10 cents from a week ago but $1 more than the same time a year ago.

Gas Buddy has some tips on how to save money on gas, including changing how you drive—going too fast or too slow is hard on fuel economy.

, a charter school in downtown Watsonville serving grades 6-8, will add ninth grade at in the fall, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District reported.

to high school instruction at , but reached an agreement with the college to use a portion of the Watsonville campus instead.

Grades 6-8 will remain in the Porter Building at Main and Maple streets.

You're coming up on a three-day weekend. Expect city and county services to be shuttered Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

That means no paying bills in person, no mail service, no libraries and—hey kids!—no school.

Some graduating seniors in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District will be awarded the Seal of Biliteracy on Wednesday afternoon.

The Seal of Biliteracy is a new award established by the district school board in order to “recognize and encourage linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy,” according to the school district.

Graduating seniors who win the honor have met competency standards in reading writing, listening and speaking in two languages. Students earn a medallion to wear at graduation, get a seal on their diploma and will have a special notation on their transcript.

The new Nordic Naturals LEED-designed facility near the airport has earned another notable honor. NSF International certified the corporate headquarters complies with Good Manufacturing Practices as set forth in NSF/ANSI Standard 173-2008, Dietary Supplements, Section 8.

Nordic Naturals’ former facility was also GMP certified, however new certification was required when the company moved its headquarters in February of this year. NSF audits businesses every six months in order to maintain their certification, according to Nordic Naturals staff.

, designed in the spirit of a Nordic fishing village and built with eco-friendly materials and an environmental-minded design, opened in February.


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