Watsonville January Death Notices

See obituaries of people from Watsonville that passed away over the last month.

The following people with ties to Watsonville died in the last month. Click their names to read full obituaries. 

Dorothy Lillian Brunson: Passed away in Watsonville on Jan. 10. She was a painter, traveler, and was married for 54 years. She was 85. 

Ty Carlucci: Resident of Watsonville. He was a single engine plane pilot. Passed away Jan. 17. He was 39. 

Fannie Lou Gryder: Resident of Watsonville. She grew up in Louisiana and worked at an ambulance company in Watsonville. Passed away Jan. 12. She was 85. 

Hugh Samuel Johnston: Resident of Watsonville. He was in the Army in the 1960s and later became a lawyer. Passed away Jan. 6. He was 76. 

Esther C. Burkett "Peggy" Lowe: Resident of Watsonville. She graduated from Watsonville High School and had five kids. Passed away Jan. 2. She was 90. 

Myra Kathryn "Kathy" Marek: Former resident of Watsonville for 10 years. She worked for school districts and was a breast cancer survivor. Passed away Jan. 20. She was 69. 

John G. Meyers: Resident of Watsonville. He was a military veteran and played bingo for 30 years. Passed away Jan. 8. He was 88. 

John Peyton Odom Sr.: Resident of Watsonville. He was a WWII veteran with six grandchildren. Passed away Jan. 10. He was 87. 

Anthony "Tony" Phillips: Graduate of Watsonville High School. He was the MVP of the swimming team. He worked with car parts, insurance, and was married for 46 years. Passed away in January. He was about 65. 

Iris Jean Forsyth Rodgers: Resident of Watsonville. She married a Watsonville dentist in 1938. She spent years hiking different parts of the Grand Canyon. Passed away Jan. 1. She was 99.

Christopher Lee "Kit" Smith: Resident of Watsonville. He was patient and loved is grandkids. Passed away Jan. 1. He was 68.  

Jiro Sugidono: Resident of Watsonville. He helped grow strawberries in the 1950s, was a great bowler and served in the Army. Passed away Jan. 19. He was 89. 

Yuet Ngor Lam Szeto: Resident of Watsonville. She was born in China and raised her kids in Watsonville. Passed away Jan. 4. She was 88. 

Abel Zanella: Resident of Watsonville. Loved the 49ers and was a great cook and hunter. Passed away Jan. 20. He was 98. 

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