I have enjoyed some parts of the Watsonville-Patch for some time now. Unfortunately it only takes a few to spoil it. Now, I can handle a good challenge to what I think or believe, but some of the posts, and/or comments on here seem to be nothing more than complain complain and complain some more. Well, OK, they also blame blame blame.....anyone and everyone but themselves. Anonymous gripers waste a lot of space in the Patch,
not adding anything but their pointing fingers.  Someone once said "I know you Sylvia.... I know where you live, by 7-11..." etc., as though what? That was a threat of some sort? Of course you know me: I sign my real name-er duh!  I'e lived here since I was born...many many people 'know' me! (What some folks don't realize is,  altho' they don't think I know them? [Ssssh! I DO!!])            
  So while it's been often entertaining to try to follow some of the posts and comments herein, I am moving on and :), taking my peace of heart & mind with me! Have a great day-be blessed- Try to find something good to say about someone today..maybe even tomorrow....
Henry Acosta November 03, 2013 at 01:25 PM
I read the Patch on a regular basis. Your comments regarding the post on the halfway house are very rude. Glad you aren't going to post anymore.
Sylvia Lazo November 16, 2013 at 03:20 PM
:) Just a short vaca Henry :) My comments re: the post on the halfway house were not intentionally rude. If you or anyone else saw them that way, I do apologize for that.


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