Last Chance to Sign the Petitions!

"Let The People Vote" volunteers will be near CVS pharmacy on Main Street, Thursday, January 2nd, with the remaining two petitions: how the Mayor is selected and how Vacancies on the City Council are filled. We only need a handful more signatures and we are done. HELLO June 2014 Ballot! 
David H. Perez January 03, 2014 at 11:25 AM
What a great petition drive this has been! The registered voters of Watsonville have spoken. They are sick of the corruption and are ready for some major changes in the way our city council conducts business. As I have previously stated, if we ever want to see Watsonville prosper and reach its full potential, we first have to do away with divisive politics. We can do great things if we work together and treat each other with fairness. I look forward to the campaign for the three initiatives!


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