What Should Go Here: Gottschalks Building

What should fill this current eye sore?

Since Gottschalks closed a few years back, downtown Watsonville has been without that big, anchor retailer that draws shoppers to the city center.

Many smaller storefronts have become vacant in recent years as economical woes continue.

But there are always whispers about what should or might or could fill the cavernous building. Even over coffee on Tuesday at , the city Economic Development Director Kurt Overmeyer elluded to possibilities for the old store.

“There’s active interest and it’s getting increasingly close to a deal," said Overmeyer, who remained mum on any possible tenant.

The earliest anything would happen is next spring—the space needs to be reconfigured, the parking lot resurfaced and other things—so let's turn it over to you, Patch readers. What would you like to see go in that spot? What does Watsonville absolutely need that they don't currently have? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Butch Cole March 09, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Almost ANYTHING but Walmart!!!!! Read up on what happens to other businesses when walmart comes to town....we need jobs......full time, benefitted jobs, jobs that pay a decent wage.....it ain't happening with walmart!
Terry Hungerford March 09, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Right on Carol!
Watzon McWats March 27, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Nothing overly cheap or "discount" oriented. We have WAY too many of those types of stores downtown. They're great and all, but too many and you bring the whole area down. I'd like to see something like a Pacific Wave, O'neills, REI, Outdoor World, Gap, Bed Bath, etc.
Cathy April 05, 2012 at 09:57 PM
First choice JC Penneys Second choice Kohls Third choice Chuck E. Cheese
Metric March 20, 2013 at 07:28 PM
As long as there are no city subsidies for national retailers trying to fill the space.


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