911 Call From Big 5 Shooting Released

The store manager called for help when she thought Robin Miranda was robbing the store. Then shots are fired and police storm the building.

Watsonville Police release the 911 call from Tuesday's that left a Watsonville High alum dead.

The store manager speaks to an emergency dispatcher as police respond to the shopping center. Initially, the manager thought the store was being robbed and was worried others would join Robin Miranda to steal guns.

"I have a person right now who is robbing me of my firearms," the manager said. "... He is in the firearms counter and he is sawing away at my firearms."

The store was open for business at the time.

"He's got the gun in his hand," the manager said. "... He just grabbed the ammunition. He is actually loading the gun. Please, please send someone."

At one point, a customer was in front of the store but didn't realize what was going on.

"He's walking back toward me," she said and there is an audible pop on the recording. "Oh my god he just fired. He just fired."

Police arrived then. The dispatcher told the manager the officers are coming in.

The manager hid under her desk; she said her cashier ducked down.

"He's trying to get in my office. He's trying to get in my office. ... please. please," the manager said. "I have two employees out there who are unprotected. I'm so scared for them."

The manager said she can hear police officers yelling at him, ordering him to get down. More shots were fired. Then the dispatcher said the man is down and police will knock on the office door to get the manager.

Jean Vengua June 10, 2011 at 05:31 PM
Absolutely incredible audio and photos.
Cathy P. June 10, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Leticia Mello is a hero in my opinion. By remaining calm as well as her quick thinking, she may have saved many innocent lives that morning.


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