One of County's Most Wanted Turns Himself In

Two other fugitives also were arrested Thursday.

One of Santa Cruz County's most wanted turned himself in at about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Deputy April Skalland of the .

"He just came up to the [public information] counter, said he saw himself on the most wanted list and we just went up to him, made the arrest and took him down to [Santa Cruz] county jail," she explained, adding Silva was "very cooperative."

Silva, 31, of Santa Cruz, was featured on the most wanted list Wednesday for an unlawfully carrying a firearm with a gang enhancement charge.

According to the Sheriff's Office Facebook page, he is a convicted felon. A felony arrest warrant was issued by the for his capture.

"He seemed pretty upset," Skalland said of Silva's demeanor. "I don't think he was on the lam or anything but he saw himself and thought, 'Oh man, this is it.' A lot of times these people turn themselves in because it's embarrassing for their friends and family to see them in the paper."

Skalland said it's not uncommon for the county's most wanted criminals to hand themselves over, though they typically don't come to the agency's PIO to do so.

"[The most wanted program] is a really successful program," she said. "It works because it makes the public more aware. The local media coverage is really what makes it happen."

Silva is set to appear in court Friday, though Skalland said she did not know what time his appearance will be.

Two more of the county's most wanted were brought to justice Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Nathan Dickerson, 20, of Santa Cruz at 3:00 p.m. at the East Cliff Shopping Center, according to Skalland in an email.

Dickerson, who was placed on the most-wanted list Wednesday, is on probation for three counts of vandalism, according to the Sheriff's Office Facebook page. He failed to comply with the terms of his probation and an arrest warrant was subsequently issued. 

At 3:47 p.m., Sheriff's deputies arrested , 31, of Watsonville, Skalland said in an email.

Perez was wanted for a domestic violance charge and failure to appear in court.


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