Photos: Watsonville Bike Show

A bunch of kids turned out for the event focused on bike safety and style.

The first Watsonville Bike Show drew about 50 participants last Saturday.

The event, in the Target parking lot, was aimed at teaching youth about bike safety and laws but also gave kids a chance to show off their rides.

There were competitions for best fixie and best low-rider.

The Bike Shack, the Ville, the Community Traffic Safety Coalition, West Coast Fixies, Target, TNL Bikes, Watsonville Cyclery and the Watsonville Police Assistance Fund contributed to make the event a success.

Just Sayin October 29, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Why don't ANY of these kids have a bike helmet?
Watzon McWats October 29, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Been wondering the same thing myself. Parents need to step up and make sure their kids are wearing helmets before they pedal out the door. $20-$60 is nothing when you've just dumped $400+ on a new bike, and helmets now a days look way cooler than they did in the past. A nice Bern or Pro-Tec looks quite salty if you ask me. Throw some stickers on the side and you're set! I killed a helmet just a couple months ago in a crash, so you won't catch me riding without one. I'd hate to think what my head woulda' looked like without it. Bummed we missed the bike show. Hopefully they'll do it again next year. Thumbs up to all the organizations involved for gettin' the kids (and adults) together to do something positive and healthy! Who needs an Xbox or a pistola when you've got a sweet ass fixie bike or cruiser, am I right?


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