Police Blotter: Drunks Arrested, Cars Burglarized

Also, sheriff's deputies handled a Peeping Tom case and seized a concealed weapon during a car stop.

Watsonville Police Log, Monday, July 30

6:39 a.m.—A drunken man challenging employees to fight was arrested for public intoxication on the 1000 block of Freedom Boulevard.

6:46 a.m.—An iPod was stolen from a locked car on the 200 block of Green Valley Road overnight.

7:57 a.m.—A car burglary occurred on Roble and Bridge streets overnight.

8:16 a.m.—About 10 to 15 feet of wire was cut out of a trash compactor on the 100 block of East Beach Street and stolen.

9:26 a.m.—A man was arrested for being drunk in public on the 200 block of Bockius Street.

10:15 a.m.—A thief used a Wells Fargo check stolen from Watsonville to buy things at a Santa Clara County Walmart.

10:43 a.m.—A car burlgar cut through the convertible top of a car to steal items on the 2000 block of Freedom Boulevard.

4:06 p.m.—A car stereo was stolen from a car parked on Crestview Drive and Madison Street.

9:25 p.m.—A drunken 15-year-old girl fought with her twin sister when she got home. She was taken to Juvenile Hall on battery charges.

Sheriff's Office Log, Saturday, July 28

5:16 p.m.—A father and son argued on the 800 block of Casserly Road, and the son allegedly battered the father. The son fled but was found nearby. He was drunk and arrested on suspicion of battery.

Friday, July 27

12:51 p.m.—A man was arrested for public intoxication on the 1900 block of Freedom Boulevard.

5 p.m.—A home was burglarized on the 300 block of Buena Vista Drive. Electronics, jewelry and clothing were stolen.

Tuesday, July 25

1:01 a.m.—A drunken man was arrested in the common area of a Stewart Avenue apartment complex.

3:37 p.m.—A drunken man was arrested on the 2100 block of Freedom Boulevard.

Monday, July 24

6 p.m.—A vandal keyed a car and broke off the driver's door handle on the 400 block of Mark Avenue.

July 23

3:45 p.m.—A man peeped throuh an open bathroom window to watch a naked woman showering. He lives in the house, on Dogwood Drive, also.

July 22

No time given—A man was arrested for having a concealed weapon in his car. He had been pulled over for vehicle code violations. It happened on Green Valley and Amesti roads.

July 21

2:39 a.m.—A man was arrested for DUI on College Road.

No time given—A man was arrested for  DUI on Airport Bouelvard at Aviation Way.

July 20

11:45 a.m.—Patio furniture worth $500 was stolen from a home on Parker Drive.

4:55 p.m.—A wanted parolee was pulled over in a traffic stop on the 1700 block of Freedom Bouelvard. He was arrested.


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