Renters Unleash Pit Bulls On Landlord

Two Corralitos residents were arrested for the Friday attack; their dogs were quarantined.

Two large pit bulls bit a landlord during a dispute with his tenants in Corralitos on Friday evening, an attack that caused both the dogs and the couple that owns them to get locked up, the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office reported.

The violence started around 6:30 p.m. when the landlord, a 53-year-old man, went to confront his renters about stealing water, according to sheriff's Sgt. Steve Carney.

The landlord has been trying to evict the couple, who live off Amesti Road at 19 Bowen Ave. with the woman's mother, and even turned off the water to their home, according to the sheriff's office.

Apparently, that's why they started tapping into the landlord's water supply.

"He's been having problems from them stealing water from his house, where they go get the garden hose, drag it over the fence and steal water," Carney said, explaining that the landlord has been trying to evict the couple. “It looks like it’s probably been an ongoing feud between them."

The landlord went to the rental unit to get the hose back, and Brian Wade Menges, 36, confronted the landlord over the water issue. Menges's girlfriend, Kendra June Jacobo, 29, went out with the couple's two pit bulls and allegedly sicced the dogs on the landlord, Carney said.

"One witness said the dogs bit him for about two minutes," Carney said.

When the landlord broke free of the dogs, Menges allegedly threw a metal chair at him, striking him in the back of the head, the sheriff's office reported.

The man suffered multiple dog bites to his arms and legs, as well as a head injury from the chair, according to emergency radio traffic. Medics treated him at the scene.

Menges and Jacobo fled but were arrested later that night at their home. Menges told deputies the landlord was teasing his dogs, according to Carney.

Both were booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Jacobo also was arrested for a probation violation; Carney said both have a history of drug arrests.

County Animal Services picked up the two pit bulls and took them to the animal shelter, according to the Sheriff's Office.

“We’re just holding them under quarantine and protective custody," said Melanie Sobel, general manager of the Animal Shelter. "At this point, it’s still under investigation."

The pit bulls, a male and female, both are about 2 years old and have a history of biting attacks.

Sobel said they bit someone in January and were temporarily confiscated by the . At that time, the dogs were spayed and neutered, but there weren’t any special rules placed on the dogs—such as wearing muzzles or having secure cages—according to Sobel.

dave September 26, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Just went through this with my neighbor. These kind of dogs are trouble unless trained throughly. Even then I wouldn't turn my back on them. they seem to be very popular with the druggies and dealers...wonder why?
Jennifer Squires September 27, 2011 at 04:57 PM
It's a huge responsibility to have dogs, especially dogs that interact with people outside of your immediate family, and I think people often forget that. My dog (not a pit) is a barker and can be intimidating (she's large and black). I feel so lucky that she's not biting-aggressive, but there are still lots of situations where I'm not comfortable letting her off leash.
Patricia September 27, 2011 at 05:19 PM
The pet is the owner's responsibility and reflects the care and attention the owner gives to it. Aggressive people tend to train their pets to be like them. A pet will protect its owner from harm but will not last out at just anyone.
Paul Binding September 27, 2011 at 06:50 PM
Deciding to be a dog owner means making wise decisions. Pit bulls are a fighting breed that must be trained to be nice. This puts extra responsibility on the owner to properly socialize the dog with other pets and humans. Generally, obnoxious people raise aggressive dogs.
Hector Rodriguez September 28, 2011 at 06:36 AM
Blame the deed not the breed. Even a small chihuahua can be trained to attack people, but seems that no one makes a big deal about it. The Dachshund, the Chihuahua, and the Jack Russell Terrier bite more people than any other breeds. "Pit bulls are a fighting breed" That's what we always hear. Only half of the story. The other half is that is a fighting breed that was breed with minimal aggression towards humans. When this dogs where about to fight they where handed to the other dog's owner. Each owner would bathe the other's dog and check it thoroughly to make sure they didn't have any poison on the fur. Any dog that showed aggressiveness towards a human would be many times put to sleep.
Sparkie October 22, 2011 at 06:41 PM
Two pitbulls violently attacked the landlord at the direction of Kendra and Brian, for trying to remove his own garden hose, which they had been using to steal his water. Their water was turned off for non payment. Rent has not been paid for more than six or seven months. Brian and Kendra are not legal tenants. They are convicted drug abusers, known to be violent, and have criminal records. Brian hit the landlord over the head with a metal chair and knocked him unconscious. If someone had not intervened, the landlord may have been killed. The tenants fled the scene of the crime and were later apprehended and released. The dogs have been returned to the site of the crime which is DIRECTLY next door to the landlord. The landlord has been unsuccessful at getting law enforcement or animal control to enforce an active restraining order against the dogs. These dogs have a history of four violent attacks on a person which drew blood. The landlord is suffering from multiple bloody wounds to the chest, arms, legs and feet, head injury, and PTS. Why can't something be done to remove the dogs and help the landlord??? The dogs and the perpetrators are a threat to anyone who doesn't give them what they want. People should be up in arms about the consequences for law abiding pit bull owners.
Sparkie October 22, 2011 at 06:56 PM
When contacted Animal Control refuses to do anything further. Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office phone desk says that as long as the animals are contained within the property, they will do nothing.
M. Monsoon February 21, 2012 at 02:06 AM
Pit Bull owners do not realize that their dog is a weapon. What do weapons do? they kill., plain and simple. Pit Bull owners know this and still own this breed. They have to held responsible for their actions. A simple slap on the wrist will not do!


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