Sheriff's South County Crime Reports

A man made racially-charged statements while hosing down his neighbor's DJ equipment and a thief traded good tires for bad ones.

Wednesday, May 23

7:32 p.m—A man was arrested for having a sharpened screwdriver hidden in his pocket. It happened on Harkins Slough Road.

Tuesday, May 22

Check theft and forgery was reported on the 2700 block of East Lake Avenue.

Monday, May 21

A man was arrested for trespassing and being drunk in public on the 800 block of Casserly Road.

Saturday, May 19

7:25 p.m.—A man was arrested for battery after he used his garden hose to spray another man and some DJ equipment. The man with the hose also yelled racially-charged comments including "This is America," and complained about the music being too loud.

Friday, May 18

2:30 p.m.—A vandal, possibly the man's ex-wife, keyed a vehicle parked on Wastegate Avenue. There was more than $400 damage.

8:30 p.m.—A car burglar smashed a window on a vehicle and stole a purse on Parkwood Drive.

Thursday, May 17

12:04 a.m.—A man was arrested for being on drugs on the 200 block of East Beach Street. Later, at County Jail, it was discovered he had a small amount of methamphetamine with him.

11 p.m.—Items were stolen from a car on Cutter Drive. The vehicle had been left unlocked.

A man was arrested at his home on the 600 block of Peaceful Valley Drive for warrants.

Wednesday, May 16

3 p.m.—A vandal tagged sewer control panels with red spray paint. The vandalism was gang-related. It happened on Sombra at Amador in rural Watsonville.

4:20 p.m.—A man was arrested for being high on drugs on the 100 block of Arthur Road.

6 p.m.—A thief took eight tires and wheels off a semi trailer belonging to a fertilizer company and left four old tires in their spots. It happened on Riverside Drive at Thompson Road.


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