Presidential Election Could End in Tie

Several official polls are predicting a 269-269 split, but Santa Cruz County does not reflect that at all.

It's hard to believe it's almost been four years since Barack Obama stood in Chicago's Grant Park and celebrated his victory in the 2008 Presidential Election. But here we are, just four months away from another political showdown on the grandest scale, and some polls are showing a deadlock. Literally. 

Both the Washington Post and the Huffington Post reported over the last few days that the possibility of a 269-269 split of Electoral College votes is a remote but real possibility in November.

Here's how it would work: If Romney takes all the states that John McCain claimed in 2008 plus swing states Indiana (11 electoral votes), Virginia (13), North Carolina (15), Florida (29), Ohio (18), and New Hampshire (4), he would reach 270, the number needed to claim the presidency. However, Obama could secure one electoral vote in Nebraska, as he did in 2008, which would bring both nominee's totals to 269. A tie in the Electoral College is passed to the newly-elected House of Representatives.

The Washington Post's election map shows Obama with 196 solid electoral votes and 41 leaning his way. They allocate Romney with 170 and 36 leaning. That leaves 95 toss-up votes. The Huffington Post, however, has already given 263 votes to Obama and 191 to Romney with 84 undecided.

If the last two presidential elections are anything to go by, and certainly they are, Santa Cruz County far from reflects the heated race we're seeing across the country. In 2004, 72 percent of the county voted for John Kerry, and in 2008, 77.7 percent helped elect Obama. 

Are you paying close attention to the presidential election already? Do you think Santa Cruz County will continue its left-leaning voting trend? Will it swing more Republican than it has in the past with Obama's approval rating sinking? Tell us in the comments!

Cathy P. July 12, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Furthermore, "Gold Plated Pensions" are a myth. The average public pension in California is $26,000 a year. California retired teachers earn an average $3,300-a-month after an average 27 years in the classroom – try living on that in California! Six-figure pensions amount to less than 2 percent of public pensions and public employee pensions equal just 3 percent of California’s budget. Pensions largely are paid for by employee contributions investment income. Public employees pay up to an average 12 percent into their own retirement. Teachers contribute 8 percent of their salaries to their pensions, do not receive Social Security and most teachers over the age of 65 do not receive retiree health care benefits either. Quit blaming public employees - and yes, I am one of those "evil" public employees.
Quite Big Bill July 13, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Not sure where this admitted government worker receives her propaganda about the minimal cost of government pensions. The real news seems to peg the figure more like approaching half of every Tax Dollar now spent. Yet, the inevitable party position talking point: “A billion a year” in Tax Relief for those greedy businesspeople and their evil corporations? Folks, another billion dollars in the Public Treasury won’t even last a minute with our crooked Public Employees’ Party politicians writing the checks. For example: California’s State Teachers' Retirement System remains on the state auditor's list of "high risk" fiscal issues facing California. The $147 billion retirement fund is more than $56 billion in the hole. CalSTRS officials have said they will need an additional $4 billion a year in state support for the next 40 years to achieve full funding.
Quite Big Bill July 13, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Unfortunately, the emotionally popular Leftist theory of “Taxing the Rich” - to create a government funded nirvana - is a bogus concept. Because, they’re RICH !! So, they don’t have to earn money. They can just stuff their millions into a mattress and spend it when and where they want to. So, until our clever Government Workers’ Party Socialists are finally ready to go “Full Soviet” on wealthy Americans – to break into their homes, murder them and steal everything that they own (for the greater good) – their efforts to squeeze every last Tax Dollar out of private enterprise will inevitably fail. Higher Taxes instead of Budget Cuts will only destroy business and jobs, cause the recession to deepen and leave our “professionally needy” Big Government wallowing in its own unsustainable obesity.
Eye B. Tender September 29, 2012 at 01:49 AM
QBB shuts em up again! (and whatayaknow? look who's drawing that "Official" time at almost nine in the morning on a "WORK DAY" - er, I guess government workers all work what they used to call "bankers hours" these days - funny, it's the bankers who have to put in the long hours now)
Eye B. Tender September 29, 2012 at 01:52 AM
I just realized that I have a whole library full of previously won arguments that I can access just by Googling "QuiteBigBill" - thanks for the memory!


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