'There Have Been Too Many Shootings,' Assemblyman Alejo Says

Alejo's new anti-gang bill would help fund the the California Gang, Crime, and Violence Prevention Partnership Program.

Assemblymember Luis Alejo, who represents Gang-ridden communities like Watsonville, Gilroy and Salinas, introduced AB 310 this week, a bill that would give $3 million to the California Gang, Crime, and Violence Prevention Partnership Program.

He made the following statement through following the introduction of the bill:

Every year, crime costs millions of dollars to our communities in the form of stolen or damaged property, loss of work time, costs to operate the criminal justice system, and the pain and suffering of crime victims.

Over the past decade researchers have identified intervention strategies and programs that reduce delinquency and save lives. It is important to invest in community-based programs that can divert first-time offenders from further encounters with the justice system.

When law enforcement and communities come together to run proven programs in cities with high rates of gang activity, we have a better chance at being successful. That is why I decided to introduce AB 310, to make sure our communities are equipped with resources to stop violent crime.

There have been too many shootings, too much violence. This funding can make a real difference in making our neighborhoods safer.

AB 310 will be eligible to be heard in a California State Assembly policy committee after 30 days of being in print.

Do local gangs scare you? Do you feel like it's getting worse? What do you think of Alejo's bill? Tell us in the comments!

OldTimeGilroy February 14, 2013 at 03:12 AM
C'mon, Evie. I thought "greasy little worm" was not only comical, but accurate. :-)
Gonzalez February 15, 2013 at 08:35 PM
You’re all a bunch of pricks with nothing else to do but waste your time commenting on the Patch. Every time I look at this website, it’s always the same pathetic people expressing their pathetic thoughts online. NO ONE CARES! Instead of talking trash, let’s see you do something about it. OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T! You’re quick to criticize someone behind the comfort of your computer on your FAT ASSES. DO SOMETHING, and MAKE A CHANGE. There is no little Cesar, Alejo’s band of misfits in the council don't change anything besides what’s on their own agenda. Just face it, your all a bunch of immigrant haters, it’s not our fault that your obviously not doing shit with your measly little lives. I hate people that are jealous of other people or groups that push for something just because they don't do shit, don't make any real money besides what they inherit from their parents or have no real achievable goals. So find something else to do besides just speaking down to people, because no one knows who you are and no one really cares either.
Average Joe March 17, 2013 at 08:31 AM
Average Joe April 04, 2013 at 02:49 AM
Yah Alejo! Too many shootings by Mexican gang members. Why don't you go after the gangs like MS13. No! You would rather go after law abiding citizens because they won't come after your fat ass!!!
Robert Perez April 13, 2013 at 04:34 AM
Ship all the illegals back to los angeles and mexico. Northward migration is the real cause of gang violence in the Bay Area. Lets get to the root of the issue!


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