'Build It Bigger' Star Inspires Students

The Discovery Channel's Danny Forster made a special appearance at Pajaro Middle School on Thursday.

Danny Forster didn't even like math when he was a kid, the Discovery Channel scientific celebrity told students at Pajaro Middle School on Thursday.

In fact, Forster—who is now the star of the Discovery Channel's architecture and engineering show "Build it Bigger" and a graduate studies professor at Syracuse University in New York state—wanted to become a lawyer.

But one inspiring teacher helped the man now obsessed with buildings, technology, architecture, engineering, math and science find his path. At Pajaro Middle School, Forster tried to convey his passion for knowledge to a group of students.

brought the Discovery Channel to the small North Monterey County school.

"I think it's important for them to see a practical application of science and technology," she said.

Using clips from his shows, Forster took students to South Africa to tour the deepest mine in the world and to Hong Kong, to see a unique bridge.

He said he was "showing them places and things they might otherwise never come in contact with or think are pure fiction," he said. "I want to blow their minds."

Forster has been visiting middle schools across the country about once a month for the past two years with the educational arm the Discovery Channel.

"Discovery Education is all about bringing learning alive," said Lindsay Pence, the field marketing manager.

The crew was in the region for a conference and contacted the Pajaro Valley Unified School District about visiting a middle school campus. Assistant Superintendent Murry Sheckman sent out an email and Gottlob was the first principal to respond.

"I think it's important to bring them opportunities," she said. "Anytime we can bring them a different lens, just to give them the opportunity to interact with the world in a different way."

The Pajaro Middle School students were joined by peers from . They were captivated byForster's fact-filled, humorous presentation, answering questions and—at the end—asking for autographs.

Seventh grader Maureen Sanchez, who wants to be a science teacher when she grows up, said the best part was "learning about the architecture."


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