Seven Summer Dog and Cat Dangers

Keep your pet safe through the warm season.

While canine tragedies aren't common, they do happen. With summer here, that means barbecues and pool time (although let's be honest, with our funky weather, those activities come and go throughout the year).

Summer presents a different set of challenges to pet owners. PawNation has put together the list below of pet dangers to avoid this season (and beyond).

1. On the Patio: Charcoal briquettes, which dogs seem to love to lap up or steal from the grill, can easily get stuck in the stomach, causing vomiting and requiring surgery.

2. On the Patio: Barbecue scraps and fatty leftovers can give your pup pancreatitis, causing severe abdominal pain or death.

3. On the Patio: Corn on the cob and peach pits are also a huge no-no because they can lodge in a dog's intestines.

4. In the Garden: Azaleas are common backyard shrubs that can be toxic for dogs and cats if ingested, resulting in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrhythmias, or an abnormal heart rate.

5. In the Garden: Backyard lilies (like a daylily or Asiatic, Easter, or Stargazer lily) and their pollen can cause acute kidney failure in cats. Ingestion of as little as two to three leaves can be fatal, so remove these plants from your yard if you let your cat out.

6. In the Garage: Rose and garden plant food containing insecticides can contain potentially fatal compounds. If your dog tries to eat a bag of it (or soil that's been treated with it), he could suffer diarrhea, profuse vomiting, shock, seizures, and even death.

7. In the Garage: Fireworks are a threat to curious dogs that might try to eat them. Made with chemicals like potassium nitrate, and parts (like a fuse) that could get stuck in the stomach, they can cause vomiting, bloody diarrhea, seizures, and shallow breathing. Keep yours out of reach, and clear your yard of debris after you set off your display.

Got any more pet tips to share? Tell us in the comments!


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