Dead and Starving Pelicans Turning up on Beaches

Authorities say it's a sign of survival of the fittest.

Wildlife rescuers say large numbers of starving young pelicans are turning up on local beaches right now.

The pelicans appear thin and weak, and are walking up to people, said Rebecca Dmytryk, a spokeswoman for WildRescue, a Moss Landing-based nonprofit. 

Dmytryk said the starving young birds, which can be distinguished from adults by their brown heads, are distressing to see but probably part of a normal natural die-off, or "survival of the fittest.

While it's distressing to see, not all the young birds can or should be saved, she noted.

"Should we intervene? It's a tough call!" Dmytryk said in a written statement. "It's certainly upsetting to see a starving baby pelican on the beach, but are we doing the species a disservice if we take in all the weak ones?"

Resources for bird rescues are limited, and the nearest center, in Cordelia, is already overrun with young pelicans who cost a great deal to feed, Dmytryk said.

Members of the public who see an injured or ill-looking pelican should noted the color of the head, then call WildRescue's hotline at 1-866-WILD-911. Keep people and dogs away from the birds, which are protected by federal law.

WildRescue will rescue as many birds as resources allow, with adult birds being given the priority, Dmytryk said.

While the brown pelican population was once threatened to near extinction, it has now rebounded, Dmytryk said.

Those interested in volunteering to help rescue pelicans should go to wildrescue.org. Volunteers are needed in Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco.

—Bay City News

Kinyl July 09, 2012 at 04:07 PM
It's disturbing, and I don't agree with the so-called experts saying to leave them alone, that it is the culling of the flock. These pelicans are an iconic part of our area and the eco-systems. Whatever is causing this must be found and eliminated so that the aerial flights of pelicans, soaring overhead like a squadron in perfect synch will continue to fill our skies.
kate keesler July 10, 2012 at 12:22 AM
pelicans are iconic experts are not certain why the young are starving.Is it possible "experts' this area has alarmed the pelicans? I saw deep water investigators fred devin off our coast they stayed at the best west soquel ave this past winter (I heard they found bombs explosives possible man made tsunami.. true promise) This is not yesterdays news has been posted all over the nation kathlean j keesler perlin kate jagger keesler POWER TO THE pelicans


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