Where to Buy the Cheapest Gas in Watsonville for Your Labor Day Getaway

Here's a breakdown of the five cheapest places to fill 'er up before hitting the road.

Labor day weekend is a highly mobile weekend. Many families take the last long weekend of summer as an opportunity to travel on a mini vacation for the beach, or the houses of family and friends.

This year, be smart and plan ahead: get your gas in Watsonville, where it's several cents cheaper than the current California average of $4.13 per gallon.

Below is a list of the five cheapest gas stations to hit before leaving town, and hopefully you'll have a little bit of extra change for the festivities.

The Five Cheapest Gas Stations in Watsonville are:

1. $4.07 at Valero, 1180 Main Street & Pennsylvania Drive, and 1597 Freedom Boulevard & Sydney Avenue in Watsonville.

2. $4.07 at Quick Stop, 2303 East Lake Avenue & Holohan Road in Watsonville.

3. $4.07 at 7-Eleven, 455 Airport Boulevard & Holm Road in Watsonville.

4. $4.08 at Gomez Gasoline, 153 Main Street & West Riverside Drive in Watsonville.

5. $4.09 at American Fuels, 175 Main Street & Riverside Drive in Watsonville.

Safe travels!


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