Hobby Lobby Challenges Obamacare on Contraceptives

Hobby Lobby asserts that Obamacare violates religious freedoms with contraceptive provisions.

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Hobby Lobby's challenge to the Affordable Care Act reached the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday with oral arguments in the case, NPR reported.

The case centers on Hobby Lobby's opposition to aspects of Obamacare that would require contraceptive services be covered in employee health plans.

NPR reported that Hobby Lobby has cited religious objections to the Affordable Care Act and noted that Hobby Lobby's co-founders, David and Barbara Green, are conservative Christians who object to certain birth control methods that might interfere with life once an egg is fertilized.

"The choice the government has forced on us is unfair and not in keeping with the history of our great nation founded on religious freedom," Barbara Green said in a video statement. The Greens complete video statement is attached to this post.

Hobby Lobby, which has 500 stores nationwide with 13,000 employees, is the lead plaintiff in the case. The owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties also are suing on the same grounds.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro Choice America, told CBS News that the idea businesses should pick and choose what sort of contraception is covered is "out of touch."

"We've had enough of this idea our reproductive health is somehow separate from our economic well being... Our bodies are not our bosses' business," Hogue told CBS.

CBS reported that the U.S. Solicitor General wrote a brief arguing that if Hobby Lobby prevails it could open the floodgates to business exemptions on a wide range of issues, including allowing discrimination against gays on religious grounds.

MFriedrich April 01, 2014 at 07:45 PM
Oohhhh maps! Kim, you do realize the difference between discretionary and non-discretionary budget items, right? http://static.natprior.org/images/fb101/spending_-_discretionary_pie_2014.gif In this regard I am not incorrect in saying that defense expenditures are the biggest piece of discretionary spending. National Security is also considered discretionary. Income Security (mainly tax rebates for low income) is also discretionary. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is NOT considered discretionary (mandatory). I do know of some Republicans and Libertarians who publicly express the need to slash Social Security entitlements and unemployment benefits, etc. . They make a great point. They just don't win elections or gain significant political power. I do credit and agree with Ron Paul and Libertarians for wanting to cut defense spending, unnecessary foreign military bases, and a full moratorium on foreign military interventions - if only they could get all of the Christian apologists in their camp to toe the line on this - A pointless endeavor in my opinion since the biggest cheerleaders of American bloodshed of underprivileged Americans on foreign soil also happened to be huge Jesus Christ fanatics. My advice is to use this map for better perspective on where the money is really going and in detail. http://visual.ly/death-and-taxes-2014-us-federal-budget National Security: $647 billion > Non National Security: $509 Billion. Defense spending is a huge part of NS spending. I still maintain that the Iraq war was an unnecessary, discretionary and not a little bit disasterous endeavor for the USA. But some people disagree with this. I've just not encountered a convincing argument. Most of Income Security is outlined well here:
MFriedrich April 01, 2014 at 07:48 PM
Linke on Income Security budget item: http://ourdime.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/income-security-outlays-by-subfunction.png "Other Income Security" is pretty much income tax rebates for the poor and low income Americans including students.
Kim McCoy April 02, 2014 at 10:27 AM
MFreidrich...first of all, that was not a map, it was a graph. Secondly, I'm not sure if you were trying dubiously to distance yourself from your statement or just trying to throw the readers off the point of this thread. I am in full understanding of the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending. Your statement made NO differentiation between the two...However, I did notice that you made NO attempt to address the fact the Hobby Lobby offers 16 of the 20 mandated contraceptives forced on the public coffers by Obozocare. Is that not enough for you? Would you like to know the true secret of "income security?"...It's called a job!...and once Americans can get this disastrous administration out of the way, I'm sure there will be plenty of them again. I realize that those of you who subscribe to the European model of mediocrity will never honestly debate the fundamental superiority of the American Constitution, but after 6 million people lost the insurance they were happy with to "insure" less than a million who didn't and saw their premiums, co-pays, and deductibles RISE while their coverage went DOWN, I'm pretty optimistic about the full repeal of the biggest social S.N.A.F.U. in American history.
MFriedrich April 02, 2014 at 07:47 PM
Kim, No they should offer all 20. But I've frequented several Hobby Lobby stores and observed the staff. Most are obviously not your demographic birth control consumer, nor do they appear very much interested in personal hygiene or health care in general. So I understand HL management not really wanting to provide bells and whistles on their competitive health care benefits. What would be the point? I mean, who does HL compete with? Michael's? Jo-anne's? Yes, maybe we should just kill Income Security budget items with fire! Abolish it completely. I mean, what a bunch of lazybones! I definitely would make that part of the Republican/Libertarian platform because it's such a slamdunk issue to win votes fro women, youth, minorities, the divorced and the unemployed. And it worked so well last time around. I'm not convinced that ACA will be repealed, Kim, but if it ever is, it will be because Republicans and Democrats agreed to improve it somehow, or a better solution was found to address the key problems. But I doubt the US will return to the state of 50+ million Americans, most of them voluntarily, thinking it's OK to be irresponsible, not acquire health insurance and just show up at emergency room billing the rest of us because they can. As for policy, there are winners and losers. Republicans have been losers the last two outings. And it seems that according to you Republicans should make no changes in platform or policy for 2016. Well I can't wait to see how that works out for you, Kim. As for 2014, I'm surprised. You're saying things are so bad, yet the Republicans are only slight favorites to take Senate Control. Why only slight favorites? Not everyone is going to be happy. I get that. You think I was happy with the C+ Yale drop out, cocaine abuser, rip-roaring drunk, daddy's boy from Texas for 8 years? A guy who lied about his military service, then says "Mission Accomplished" and allows Abu Graib? Think about it. If wimpy bleeding heart liberals can stomach 8 years of such colossal national and foreign policy ineptitude, then what's your excuse?
MFriedrich April 02, 2014 at 08:10 PM
An employer like Hobby Lobby doesn't have to provide health insurance to its employees at all. In fact, it's probably cheaper for a company to instead pay the tax that would help subsidize its employees' coverage obtained through the exchanges or Medicaid. Hobby Lobby is not hiring based on the religious beliefs of their workers. But now I can imagine being someone applying for a warehouse position at Hobby Lobby. Why would I ever think, 'Oh, I need to research this owner's religious beliefs to know whether or not there is access to birth control insurance coverage'?" Dumb.


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